Member Practice Information

We provide the permanent out of hours cover for a number of vet practices in East Lincolnshire.

In addition, we also provide occasionally cover for practices who perform their own out of hours, eg. Bank Holidays, Christmas parties, staff shortages, etc.

If you would like to speak to us about some of the benefits of utilising our emergency service on permanent basis, such as:

First rate communication between clients, member practices and East Lincs Emergency Vets

Transfer of all notes, blood tests and X-rays to your practice as soon as the patient is discharged.

High standard of patient care and the ability to provide 24 hour care for your nightly inpatients or post op cases.

Capped fees for dealing with routine neutering post op complications

Until March 2022 – No monthly membership or joining fees to become a member practice of East Lincs Emergency Vets

Or you would like to use us on an occasional basis either to help you with your emergency care, then please email
Steven Goodear MRCVS –